Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Tips for Career Problems by Best Jyotish in Ahmedabad

Many people face problems in life to get a good job. Even after being good in studies. They have to struggle a lot then others who are not as good as him. This may be because of planets negative effect in your horoscope. Mainly there 3 planets which is associated or can say connected in getting good job and successful career. These are Sun, Moon and Mars. To overcome the negative effects of these planets in life follows these remedial tips. And also contact with best astrologer to know when this negative effect will end in life. These tips are generalized one, which can be taken by all of us. To get specific remedial tips according to horoscope go for expert and best jyotish in ahmedabad.

Remedial Tips:

  • Start worshiping sun daily in early morning when it is not completely raised. Offer him water.
  • Keep something made with silver every time with you.
  • Offer water with small amount of jaggery in it on Sunday to Sun. You can do it regularly also.
  • Donate foods to small needy children.
  • Give respect to all even they are younger than you.
  • While worshiping enchant mantra "om ghrini suryaaye namaha"

best jyotish in ahmedabad

Different zodiac signs have these problems in life because of some specific reason. These can be known by consulting with astrologer only according to the horoscope or natal chart. The horoscope for individual is made according to planets position at the time of birth. Thus the information’s like time of birth, place of birth and date of birth is required to know the planets position at the time individual come in life and in this way horoscope or natal chart or in general khundali is made. And this horoscope is used to know past, present and future of the individual. Even every auspicious occasion is performed according to the reading of horoscope by seeing favorable time. Horoscope reading is also done while going for match making or new relation. 

Because of such immense importance of astrology and its reading, many of astrologers provide this service online on telephonic conversation, email or by skype. This science is wholly dedicated for welfare of human race. For horoscope reading or any other astrology services like predictions and solutions of problems like relationship, career, love, business, family, health, education so on, consult with famous best jyotish in ahmedabad Pandit N L Swami. He provides you reading and if you are facing problem then provide to solution for them also. He has many years of experience in this science.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Remedies for Manglik Dosh

The significance of Manglik dosh is always not good for every one’s life. When it is found in one’s horoscope, it impacts in disturbance to that person. It affects him very badly.  According to astrology reading and science, when mars is placed in 12th , 8th,2nd,4th and 1st house, it results in manglik dosh for that horoscope. If mars is found in other houses except these will result in good effects. But that does not fit in with Manglik dosh as Manglik dosh is a dosh which just affect the individual's marriage. Person having this dosh in his kundali must consult to the famous best astrologer in ahmedabad, Pandit N L Swami for better assistance to overcome this.

The major disadvantage of having manglik dosh in kundali is producing many hurdles in that person’s marriage and if marriage is done, it also impacts over marriage life. It disturbs the spouse whole life, there is no any sign of peace, may result in separation also even can cause death of spouse by any reason and so on.
Manglik dosh is likewise called kuja dosh, angaraka dosh, bhom dosha. Some have misconception that they born on Tuesday then also why they have Manglik dosh in his Horoscope. But it’s totally untrue or misunderstanding. Manglik Dosh in one’s horoscope is found only because of presence of mars in above mentioned respective house.

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As indicated by Vedic science of astrology, you can follow these a few solutions for Manglik dosh to overcome or minimize its effect:

  • Should chant Hanuman Chalisa daily
  • Chant gayatri mantra atleast 108 times on daily basis.
  • Should go to Hanuman temple on every Tuesday.
  • Wear a red coral in gold in ring finger subsequent to counseling any great celestial prophet 
  • Marriage between two Manglik people is the most ideal path for marriage of Manglik persons 
  • Kumbh vivah is additionally a decent alternative for Manglik individual's marriage. As per Vedic soothsaying, Manglik individual ought to firstly wed with the banana tree, silver brilliant perfect of ruler Vishnu or individual’s tree. 
  • Manglik individual ought to do quickly on Tuesday; it's a successful solution for Manglik people groups 
  • Manglik ought to serenade navgrah mantra which is known as Mangal mantra. This mantra ought to be serenade on Tuesday

These remedies will surely help you to overcome the mangal dosh effect. But before doing these, must consult with best astrologer in ahmedabad.